Episode 4: Policy Update - Andy Cates- BG Advisor

Bingham Group CEO A.J. Bingham and BG Advisor Andy Cates discuss recent changes to the City of Austin's Anti-Lobbying Ordinance.

On June 18th the Austin City Council approved what supporters described as a temporary solution to an ongoing battle between Texas Disposal Systems and other waste contractors over city lobbying rules.

The measure approved by Council makes a few small changes to the anti-lobbying ordinance, which is designed to prevent companies seeking contracts with the city from privately trying to influence city employees to choose their bids.

Andy is a legal expert in Texas campaign finance and lobby laws, nonprofit management, and political fundraising & advertising law. He is available to present and discuss the City of Austin's current lobbying ordinance in particular to its impact on land use professionals (planners, engineers, architects, and designers, etc.).  CONTACT US HERE

Learn more about Andy at: https://www.texasethicslaws.com/

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BG Advisor Andy Cates, J.D.

BG Advisor Andy Cates, J.D.