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BG Note | Policy - Dallas Fed Up with Dockless Bike Share

The City of Dallas is fed up with dockless bikeshare.  At least its current unregulated form. 

According to the Dallas Morning News, City Manager T.C. Broadnax notified LimeBike, Ofo, and Mobike, as well as Texas-based VBikes, that the firms had until February 9th to do the following:

  • Clear bikes off all sidewalks narrower than 10 feet in width and out of the way of sidewalk-curb ramps;
  • Remove bikes from turf, landscaping, or other unimproved surfaces; and
  • Clear bikes left on trails to trail heads.

From the article:

For months the city has taken a hands-off approach to bike-share, in large part because Dallas was once desperate to get rentals on the road — preferably ones with docking stations, like you see in New York or Fort Worth. But that would have cost millions the city didn't have. So city officials gave VBikes and its well-funded competitors, most based out of China, a wide berth in the hopes that the market would sort itself out and there would be one or two companies left standing. 

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