Proposed Changes to the 2020 COA Calendar and FY21 Budget Timeline

Changes could be coming to the Austin City Council’s 2020 meeting calendar. Such was the discussion last week at Council’s October 1 work session. City staff’s goal is to have a version prepared for Council vote at their October 17 meeting.

Proposed Summer Changes

The most notable change to the 2020 calendar would be Council’s summer recess during the month of July. Under the proposed calendar the summer recess would run June 14 and end July 10.

City staff stated the earlier recess would allow adequate time to review the Fiscal Year 2021 Budget and call a tax increase election, if needed. They indicated this was in response to the passage of SB 2 during the 86th Texas Legislature, requiring cities and counties to hold an election for voter approval to increase property taxes by more than 3.5% in revenue from the year before.

Since staff is still drafting the proposed calendar, we have created a mock up of the budget proposed dates from the October 1 Work Session. All dates are subject to change based on the final draft from staff and council approval.

Budget timeline break down

  • Staff will present the proposed budget on July 13 immediately following the end of Council’s summer break.

  • July 21 will be assigned as a budget public hearing only, which would replace the standard Tuesday work session.

  • Council will set the Maximum Tax Rate on August 4.

  • August 12, 13, and 14 are dedicated to deliberating on the budget.

  • Council will adopt the budget and call a tax rate election on August 17.

For companies and businesses interested in the budget, this timeline change should be of interest to ensure adequate time to raise awareness about your concerns with the earlier budget review timeline. We recommend advocating as early as January 2021.

Contact us for more information on how to get your concerns heard for the FY21 budget.

Proposed Fall/Winter Changes

Additionally, staff is proposing four additional general city council meetings in 2020 compared to 2019. Two of these additional council meetings with be in November, and the other 2 additional council meetings will be in December.

Council Member Jimmy Flannigan (District 6) opposed this change and proposed adding additional time on Fridays as an overflow date to continue conversations from the Thursday meeting rather than adding more agenda items with the additional dates.

Additionally, Council Member Alison Alter (District 10) proposed canceling the proposed work session on November 3, which is election day, since half of council would be up for reelection.

In January, we will release the 2020 Austin City Council Guidebook with the finalized 2020 calendar and any staff changes. Contact us at to reserve your copy today.

AJ Bingham