COMMUNITY: 4 Easy Ways to Support Bingham Group

This past week was incredible here at Bingham Group! We celebrated our second year anniversary, and we received so much kindness from friends, family and community members.

Throughout that week, many people told us that they loved the work we were doing, and wanted to know how they could support us.

Here are four easy ways:

  1. Read/ listen to our publications! We have many outlets to meet you where you are at and give the content that you need- from our daily morning emails on the biggest news from the local, state and federal levels; our Monday blog posts about the firm developments here; our Wednesday BG podcast featuring CEO and Founder A.J. Bingham and community members on industry news; and our newest venture BG Media Group for our podcast series with Austin real estate insider Jan Buchholz. Every listen and reader helps us share the content we are passionate about!

  2. Follow our clients on social media to see all the wonderful things they are doing too!

  3. Reach out to us about anyways we can help you. We love speaking at schools, conferences and panels to share our experiences with others.

  4. Talk about us! Tell your friends, family, neighbors, mailman about the work we do here at Bingham Group. That positive word of mouth is unparalleled in gaining recognition around town and gaining new clients.

As always, thank you all for all of the support, and if we can ever be a resource to you, let us know!

//Team Bingham Group

AJ BinghamComment