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REGULATION: Austin Council to Consider Street Impact Fees at August 8th Meeting

The City of Austin is set to consider a Street Impact Fee on new developments on August 22nd. Council will also consider a resolution to adopt the Land Use Assumptions and Roadway Capacity Plan for a Street Impact Fee program.

A Street Impact Fee would be a one-time charge assessed to pay for improvements to public roadway facilities spurred by new development.

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REGULATION: Potential New Water Utility Requirements being Formulated for Council Consideration this Fall

As reported previously here, the City of Austin is exploring potential requirements that would mandate that 

  1. New developments submit water balance applications;

  2. Developments over 250,000 square feet use alternative and onsite waters to meet indoor and outdoor non-potable water demands. 

The timeline is particularly quick as City staff is working to develop proposed ordinance language by this fall.

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REGULATION: New City of Austin Mandatory Alternative Water Systems Proposed

At an Austin Energy Green Building seminar last week, the Bingham Group learned of a new proposal from the City of Austin that could make onsite alternative water systems mandatory for new commercial development over 250,000 square feet.

Examples of these systems, also referred to as water reuse or water recycling systems, include rainwater, greywater, stormwater, and condensate water systems.

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FIRM UPDATE: Bingham Group Adds Tina Bui as Senior Consultant for Land Use and Transportation

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE : June 3, 2019                                                           

AUSTIN, TX – The Bingham Group, LLC (Bingham Group), an Austin based consulting firm providing government affairs, public affairs, and procurement services, today announced the addition of Tina Bui as a Senior Consultant.

An Austinite since childhood, Tina is a local government insider with 20 years’ experience in public policy and administration. Having built the bulk of her career at the City of Austin and Capital Metro, she has rare experience on all sides of City Hall having served as a policy adviser to an Austin council member, staffer in multiple City departments, and political appointee to the City of Austin’s Planning Commission. I

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